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Today's the DAY!

I can't say it's been an easy road, and I'm sure that it's not done yet. It's amazing how much goes into starting a business. I researched, took classes, and talked to as many people as possible before starting this journey. While all of that was helpful, nothing can prepare you for what's ahead.

As we open the business today at noon, I'm sitting here thinking about all the stuff that isn't done yet. There's a big list, trust me. I'm hoping the website is working well enough for whatever may come and that there's nothing big that I completely forgot about. Speaking of the website, that's kind of nightmare in itself. We have over 1700 products on the site, each one entered individually. That was a long process. And the fun isn't over yet. In the coming weeks, we have some new lines to add to the site. We also have a fun new collection for the Signature Signs, Yard Expressions and Flags.

Let's talk about that! A little over a month ago, Kelly and I took a day trip to a small town nearby that's known to have some fun little shops. I had never been there, so it was a new adventure. In one of the shops, we found the Signature Signs. They had a good selection of signs there and we were both really impressed. These signs are such a great alternative to flags, or even a great addition to other items in your Wind Garden. I know they aren't wind related products and was a bit hesitant to put them on the site, but I thought if people liked them as much as we did it would be a great thing to have there. Let's face it, there's certainly no end to the signs you can put in there! Even better, I found the company made a wall mount as well for the Signature Signs. This opens up so many more possibilities. Not to mention, the Yard Expressions collection which is a bit larger and vertical. Before I ramble on about them all day, suffice it to say we really like these items and hope you will too.

On to the kites! We've assembled quite a large assortment of kites for you. And guess what... there's more coming! That's right, there will be even more kites to choose from in the coming weeks. As you know, there has been some issues in shipping with the Corona Virus and some of the suppliers pretty much ran out of many of their kites. Thankfully, things are starting to come in again and we will be adding them as our orders arrive. You'll notice on our site several items are "out of stock". Nobody likes to see that when they are looking to buy something. If you find an item that you want and it's showing "out of stock", please send us an email and let us know what item you are looking for. Some of these items are still in stock at the manufacturer but have extremely limited supplies. If they do have it in stock, we are happy to get it for you. If not, we can certainly let you know when it is back in.

As much as I'd like to sit here and keep typing in the blog, I really do have work to do. The store opens in TWO HOURS and I still have a list of things to accomplish before that alarm goes off. I'd like to thank you all for supporting us online by giving us a "LIKE" on Facebook, or FOLLOWNG us on Instagram. If you haven't done that yet, please join us. Also, the YouTube channel will be opening up soon with some great videos. These include product demos and reviews along with other great content you will be sure to enjoy.

Happy flying all! Hope to see you in the store soon.

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