Box Deltas are some of the nicest flyers of all kites. This is because they combine the superb light wind and high angle capabilities of delta kites with the rock solid stability of box kites. The Premier 5.5 ft. Box Delta sports a wide wind range (6 mph to 20 mph) and is constructed with durable rip-stop polyester sail and resilient fiberglass struts. Although no tails are needed for flying, each Box Delta Kite is equipped with four tail loops for attaching streamers of almost any size.


SKU: PK-33707
  • Kite Wind Range:  6 ~ 20 mph

    Kite Fabric:  Ripstop Polyester

    Kite Frame:  Fiberglass

    Line Included:  Included

    Kite Type:  Box Delta Kite

    Size (W x L)

    66 x 28 in. / 168 x 71 cm.

    Line:  Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line & Winder

    Packaging:  Vinyl case with color header