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Triple Spinners our most popular to date and are admired for many reasons: First and foremost, their counter-rotating wheels create a colorful stroboscopic effect that is simply dazzling to watch from many angles. In addition, they have been known to last for years, enduring all kinds of weather. Finally, they are available in many stylish themes that people love.


Made with fade-resistant SunTex(TM) fabric, our garden spinners will dazzle your yard. Unlike other ordinary spinners made with nylon or polyester, ours can withstand daily UV rays, rain and snow. Each spinner comes with two heavy-duty fiberglass poles and a ground stake


SKU: WG-22179
  • Themed Item Platform:  Spinner

    Size (W x L):  33 in. x 27 in.

    Diameter:  10.5 in., 14.5 in., 17 in.

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