Intricate pieces, bold geometric designs and strong colors typically characterize Barbara Meyer's kites. As one of the most renowned and gifted American kite artists, Barbara Meyer asserts that "Subtle is not part of my vocabulary, after all the design needs to be effective from 300 feet away".  


This great Genki Box design is an excellent light-wind flier.  It's easy to assemble and fly and looks amazing in the sky.  The pattern all sewn in, not printed. It comes with two matching 17ft tails.  You can certainly put on a great show with this kite.


SKU: PK-45623
  • Kite Wind Range:  6 ~ 20 mph

    Kite Fabric:  Ripstop Polyester

    Kite Frame:  Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon

    Line Included:  Not Included

    Collections Kite Designer:  Barbara Meyer

    Size (W x L):  112 x 32 in. / 285 x 78.7 cm.

    Line:  150-250 lb. Test Line Recommended

    Packaging:  Ripstop Sleeve