This clever design by Carsten Domann is easy to assemble, flys well even in light winds and is a breeze to handle.  There's no bridal on this kite.  The tow-point is attached directly to the spine making it's position easily adjustable for different wind speeds.  This kite is extremely elegant and soars beautifully in the sky.  


SKU: PK-45885
  • Kite Wind Range:  5 ~ 16 mph

    Kite Fabric:  Ripstop Polyester

    Kite Frame:  Carbon & Fiberglass

    Line Included:  Not Included

    Collections Kite Designer:  Carsten Domann

    Size (W x L):  100 x 100 in. / 250 x 250 cm.

    Line:  150 lb. Test Line Recommended

    Packaging:  Ripstop Sleeve