You are looking for a kite you can rely on 100%? Who can’t let you climb airy heights in borderline situations in the backcountry?

With the Apex, we have developed the perfect kite for the backcountry. Maximum control, high stability and sufficient depower performance make it the companion that helps you to increase your personal level continuously. Don’t worry about mistakes, the Apex forgives a lot and makes the entry into the world of kitesurfing especially easy.



The Apex’s features are perfectly matched to the needs of beginners and backcountry riders. A gentle unfolding of the traction force and a high depowering power make the kite extremely controllable. With enough power in the loop, there are sufficient reserves of power to be able to react quickly to gradients or changing winds.



The Apex has a small number of chambers with a thick profile. It has been specially developed for use in difficult wind conditions to ensure maximum stability. The last chambers were deliberately not leashed so that the apex develops an optimal flow ratio at the wingtips.



 Apex scales are made entirely of robust, coated Dyneema, which guarantees a long service life in harsh environments. Mixer leash and pulleys are perfectly matched to each other.



 As a sailcloth, an extremely robust 40D ripstop nylon is used, which has proven itself over the years. The inner material of the ribs consists of a robust cloth and is additionally reinforced at the profile holes with webbing straps.



  • Excellent control also in limits
  • Extremely stable, high depower output
  • Intermediately on a leash, with much available power
  • Extremely easy to fly


SKU: HQ-117165
  • Span:  540cm

    Height:  170cm

    Sail:  Ripstop Nylon 40D

    Rec.Bar:  Control Bar One 55cm

    Wind:  3-26 knots

    Age:  16+

    Color:  Blue

    AR:  3.65