You are looking for a inexpensive and universal introduction to kiting and you are not yet committed to a specific direction? Whether you want to enjoy kitesurfing, land kiting or just for fun – the Fluxx is the right choice for you, because we have attached great importance to easy handling and good, balanced flight characteristics. And even if the Fluxx has a ground contact, the sturdy and special shape means that it can be restarted with only two lines. Use the Fluxx as a trainer kite and open up the fascinating world of kitesurfing – become a part of our passion



  • Completely leashed and ready to fly
  • Stable Flight behaviour
  • Automatic Relaunch
  • Robust processing
  • Perfect as preparation for the introduction to power kiting



  • Sleek HQ4 bag with tag insert
  • Control Bar
  • Trainer Kite Guide
  • Optional Accessory: Safety System- This safety system for 2-line control bars makes it possible to release the control bar in an emergency without loosing the kite.  



SKU: HQ118023
  • Span:  180cm

    Height:  60cm

    Sail:  Ripstop Polyester

    Line Set (Incl.):  Dyneema 100 kp, 2 x 25m

    Bar (Incl.):  Control Bar 45cm

    Wind:  4-26 knots

    Age:  16+

    Color:  Green

    AR:  3.6

    Weight:  0.2kg