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The Tie Dye Winged Box Kite is a standard box kite enhanced with wings. Box kites have multiple sail surfaces which allow them to be stable fliers in a variety of wind conditions. They are also very adaptable to changing wind speeds making them a great kite for novice to intermediate kite enthusiasts. The colorful tie dye pattern will, without doubt, attract the eye of onlookers!


SKU: ITB-3069
$19.99 Regular Price
$16.99Sale Price
  • Kite Wind Range:  6 ~ 22 mph

    Kite Fabric:  Ripstop Nylon

    Kite Frame:  Fiberglass

    Line Included:  Included

    Kite Type:  Box Kite

    Size (W x L):  33" W x 32" H x 33" D

    Line:  Includes Line with handle


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