Wind Turbines are available in a broad range of sizes and produce a rotating spiral of color. They are inflated by the wind and rotate as air passes through their vented throats. 

The number next to the Turbine represents the length of the device in centimeters. For example, the Wind Turbine 1000 is 1000 cm, 10 m or 33 feet long.

At 33ft long, these are HUGE and need something large to accomodate them.  Perhaps  a Sled 81 that needs a gargantuan friend? Or a huge Parafoil?  Try a massive 1000 for a mind blowing, dizzying spinning display.   These can also look great on a tall pole!


The 1000 model should only be used by experienced kite flyers who are used to flying large lifters.


SKU: PK-99424
  • Size:  Length: 33ft / 1000cm